[2021-2022] Master Contemporary Photography and Project Managemen Scholarship, EFTI. Madrid
[2019-2020] Contemporary Photography Scholarship, Grisart. Barcelona
[2011-2012] Art and Costume Direction, SICA Sindicato Industria Cinematográfica Argentina.Buenos Aires
[2003-2007] Diploma in Textile Design and Fashion Double Degree, ESDI Escola Superior Disseny.Barcelona
[2003-2007] Bachelor of Art with Honours in Fashion, Winchester School of Arts. Shouthampton


OFF Arlés “ Manual de gestos rusos”  La bourse, 2022 Arlés  (FR)
Panoramic Photography and Film Festival “ Manual de gestos rusos”  2021 Barcelona (SP)
FIFV Brigadas Valparaiso International Photography Festival, 2021 Chile (CL)
“EL proyector” Foto Colectania ,2021  Barcelona (SP)
Shortlisted “KBr Flama” Fundación Mapfre Photo Center, 2021 Barcelona (SP)
Cibeles EGO Showroom,2010 Madrid (SP)
080 Fashion Week Shoroom, 2010 Barcelona (SP)
Modafad Award 2020 , Barcelona (SP)

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